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February 2014
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Real Housewives’ Ramona Singer SPLIT is a PR STUNT

Real Housewives’ Ramona Singer SPLIT is a PR STUNT

Real Housewives’ Ramona Singer, 56, filed for divorce from her husband of 27-years on Thursday, but was thrilled to eat up all this recent attention and walk the red carpet later that night.

“Ramona’s days on the show were numbered. The new season is ALL about the new ladies and poor Ramona and The Countess are now playing supporting roles. She is loving all this new-found attention and has pulled off a genius evil plan to make her center of the show again,” a close production source tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB.

And it just might work! Nene got divorced and when she remarried she got her own spin-off show, we are told Ramona is hoping for the same thing.

“This is a PR stunt from a reality star who wants to stay in the spotlight. If Bethenny can have a baby and get married to get her own show, you should not put anything past these ladies,” adds another pal. “Watch, Ramona will come out of this bigger than ever!”

Ironically, Ramona just attacked Jill Zarin for commenting on her divorce – “She’s trying to make herself relevant!”


Look at her enjoying the spotlight last night:

  • Michael

    I don’t think her split from Mario is a PR stunt. I do think however, that her having him thrown out of their home in Southampton and accusing him of chocking her are. #TimingIsEverything

  • Gaspar Marino

    When people don’t want to bow out gracefully and give others a chance, it speaks to their narcissistic and petty personality. It’s over Ramona, you’ve run the course, Fade into the sunset with a bottle of Pinot, stop criticizing and stop using your unhappy marriage and child to keep relevant. I don’t condone Mario’s actions, but in a way, can you blame him?

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