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December 2013
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Real Housewife Teresa Guidice going to jail and OFF the show

Real Housewife Teresa Guidice going to jail and OFF the show

Teresa Guidice, and her husband Joe, are facing TWO NEW fraud charges, which, if proven, will send the TV couple behind bars for many years – something that producers expect to happen.

“They are going to jail,” one Bravo insider tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “They now face 41 counts of fraud, everyone knows that the show is not going to have them on it for a long time. Meetings are happening right now about cast changes.”

The charges relate to documents, which were allegedly faked in order to secure loans of over $5 million over a period of eight years, before they joined the Real Housewives show in 2009.

Teresa Guidice and Joe pleaded not guilty back in August to the original 39 fraud counts. They have also pled not guilty to the additional two charges on Wednesday.

Teresa Guidice and her husband Joe, if convicted, could face up to 30 years in jail and a $1 million fine.

“If New York Housewives can survive the loss of Jill Zarin and Bethenny (one was fired, the other went on to her own spin off show) then Jersey can survive the loss of Teresa,” added an ex cast member.

  • Michael

    The only way Bravo will take Teresa off the show will be when she is handcuffed and taken off to prison. Even then they will try and film the her last day s of freedom.

  • Charity Manson

    Ciao, bitches! Off to ugly land for you both. You shoulda thought about it before you started ripping our banks off, you POS poor excuses for parents!!!!!!! You just put your children in a living hell. F tards!!!! I can’t stand people like you!!!!! I hope you ROT!

  • akemp

    They don’t Federally Indict you for NOTHING!!!!! Especially on 41 counts.

  • Eddie Cruz Santana

    its going to be Teresa new spin off show,
    My Life In Jail….

  • Sharon Erickson

    The show would be a lot better without her. I might watch again

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