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December 2013
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Mark Wahlberg tells kids NOT to go to college! (cheers, Marky Mark)

Mark Wahlberg tells kids NOT to go to college! (cheers, Marky Mark)

The NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB team got to have a little chat with the sexy MARK WAHLBERG!

What was it like working with all those SEALs?
-They inspire me to be a better man. Marcus is just an amazing guy, what he has done in his military service and as a man, as a husband, he’s just an amazing individual and it’s an honor to get to know him, and he’s humble. Every time I tell him how much I love him and respect and admire him, he always gets a little embarrassed but it’s the truth.

Did it change your position on our involvement?
-For me it wasn’t about that, it was how much I admire and respect anyone who walks into a recruiting office and signs up to defend our country. And also giving an opportunity to the Afghani people to show what they deal with and go through. A lot of these people put themselves between evil and innocence and defend that.

Not only have you had an amazing career but you’re quite a canny businessman.
-Well I was able to take all that real life street experience and hustle and apply that to what I do now. I think real life experience is far more valuable (than college). Anything you don’t understand or you don’t know academically you can learn, you can have access to it. Real life experience is not something that you can just go and pick up a book and read about.

You grew up in a two bedroom home.
-6 boys in one room.

Your kids have no idea right?
-They don’t understand. Daddy works really hard to give them all the things I never had. It’s hard to find that balance because I don’t want them to be spoiled or have that sense of entitlement either. They need to understand about hard work and doing the right thing so it’s a big job. It’s the most important role I’ll ever play.

  • Nicki Hope

    This don’t mean Mark don’t approve of collage, if you have read his options before on education he is all for it 100%. He has a very great point you can have as much book knowledge as you wont but until you actually experience it you have no idea what it is really like.

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