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September 2014
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Paula Deen Goes Into Hiding (Increases Security)

Disgraced TV Chef Paula Deen has gone into hiding, refusing to answer calls or emails from anyone but her closest friends and family members.

“Paula is saying that she can no longer trust anyone. She feels like everyone has turned their back on her and she is frightened that anything she might say or do will be sold to the press and taken out of context,” a friend of Paula’s tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “She has decided to go away to a secret location and take some time to think about both her future and her past. She is still angry but is starting to understand what happened and why. She has also increased her security.”

Paula has not made any additional statements since her big sit down interview with Matt Lauer on THE TODAY SHOW. All the major networks and shows (including THE GOSSIP TABLE) have reached out to Paula to request an interview, however, so far none have been granted.

“Before Paula sits down in front of the cameras again, she needs time away from the circus,” one A-list publicist tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “She needs time for everyone to calm down. You need a little distance between you and a crisis before you have a clear head. I think what Paula is doing now is exactly right. She should have done this before.”

  • jon

    Good and stop your acting Paula.
    You are what you are!?

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  • Lawonia Dotson

    when a person shows you who they are…believe them…

  • jsbreaux

    Seriously? Like we all haven’t said stupid shit in our past. I enjoy reading peoples comments because I didn’t know there were so many perfect self-righteous people in the world. Whatever happened to forgiving and loving one another. Treating others how we want to be treated. Try getting the limb out of your own eye.