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April 2014
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Limited interest in Jessica Simpson’s new baby pixs – its all about Kim Kardashian

Limited interest in Jessica Simpson’s new baby pixs – its all about Kim Kardashian

Jessica Simpson’s has just popped out baby #2, confirms her rep, but unfortunately for little baby boy, Ace Knute Johnson, the world is still focused on baby North West, like a laser.

“There is nowhere near the interest in Ace as in North,” one weekly Editor In Chief tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “When Jessica sold the first pictures of her daughter to People magazine, the issue did not sell very well. We have all seen the newsstands’ numbers and feel the same will be true for her son.”

Jessica and Eric have one other kid together, daughter Maxwell, born May 1, 2012.

“It is all about Kim Kardashian,” adds another senior weekly editor. “Jessica hasn’t sold weekly magazines in a long time. That is not to say that a weekly wouldn’t love to have the first images of Jessica and her baby boy, just they are not prepared to offer a lot of money to get them.”

Kim has just turned down an offer of over $3 million from an Australian magazine to show her daughter. Insiders think she might be able to get as much as $5 million to debut North West!

ACE KNUTE JOHNSON. Check out how the late and great Knut the Polar Bear feels about this: wink.

  • Lol

    You rob. Lol you try too hard. Everyone knows that second babies don’t have a draw and another thing maybe out her sales in context with what everyone else sold copies for and sales. Lets be fair Rob. Your misleading and the sales were fine

  • Lol

    You can expect Jess to show her own pics this time

  • Naughty But Nice Rob

    true…but i think its more to due with the fact the cover with her daughter did not sell.